KOS Conference 2017

Minutes of the General Body Meeting KOSCON 2017 – 36th Annual conference of Karnataka Ophthalmic Society 3th November 2017, Bangalore

Online-Extraordinary General Body Meeting, 16-24 September 2017
The Term of the following office bearers- namely, Hon. Secretary, Joint Secretary, Scientific Committee Convener, Treasurer and Editor Journal, has been extended to a period of two years. There will be introduction of Named Awards for various subspecialities, for which an amount of Rupees five lakhs will be collected for a term of 10 years. In addition to the present two oration awards, more orations will be introduced for a payment of Rupees ten lakhs for a tenure of 15 years. Separate awards will be introduced for posters, in different subspecialities, in addition to the already existing, Best Poster Award. Amount collected for the same will be Rupees five lakhs with a tenure of 5 years. There will be no more election for the post of President-Elect. The Vice President will become the President-Elect in the next year, and then subsequently the President, after another year. According to the byelaws, voting rights in online or offline, Extraordinary General Body Meeting, Elections etc will only be by ratified KOS members from Karnataka State, as per the registered postal address in the KOS directory database. Members with registered address which is outside Karnataka state, are not eligible to vote. This provision will be kept as such and not changed.

6.30PM – Meeting rescheduled to 7.00 PM due to lack of Quorum 7.00 pm – Dr. Krishna Rrasad Kudlu .,Hon Secretary KOS, welcomed the gathering.
Dr Sanathan Gopal, President KOS addressed the general body meeting. He welcomed the online GBM voting which happened and appreciated the overall response. He expressed his unhappiness about some of the LOC s who have not paid the honararium to KOS ( 20% of the trade fund / minimum of 3 lakhs ) following hosting the conference. He pointed out that Mysore Ophtalmic Society and a few other previous LOCs had not paid the amount Dr AS Guruprasad mentioned that the Previous LOC had paid 6.25 Lakhs to KOS, however Dr Krishna Prasad Kudlu clarified that it was only a notional sum, and no money has been transferred from Hubli Dharwad Ophthalmic Association yet.

Dr Sai Giridhar Kamath suggested that reducing the amount to 5% may be more feasible since the previous LOC’s have been shying away from paying the full Honararium to KOS. There was a debate regarding the amount to be finalized for the regions to pay for the KOS. Dr Madhav Honnati, Dr Y.L Rajshekarand others gave their respective views regarding the total sum to be finalized ,in the end it was decided that questionnaire or survey will be done online and then decided what bylaw to be passed Dr Santhan Gopal proposed that KOS itself collects the trade contibution for the conference and then give it to the LOC on the lines of AIOS, however this was not accepted by the GB.

Dr Sanathan Gopal, President KOS also mentioned the fact that advance of Rs 10 lakh was given to BOS which was returned back before the start of conference . He mentioned the KOS would help the respective regions conducting the state conference for certain financial moments provided that the regions also maintain the trust by serving the KOS, follow the bylaws and not delay in making the payable amount to KOS soon The President thanked the Local Organising Committee and Scientific Committee Convenor, Dr. Shrinivas Joshi , for efficient organization of the conference and the academic programs. Since there were no departed members of KOS the condolence resolution was skipped.

Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu, Hon Secretary KOS, presented his report. He mentioned the results of the E-GBM and the results of election of the office bearers. Only one meeting was done as part of the LOC meeting on 16th may 2017. He mentioned the number of new members joining KOS this year increased to 114 and urged the respective medical colleges to make their respective post graduates member of KOS. It was bought to the notice that yahoo group may soon reach its maximum and other options should be explored. He pointed out that Karnataka Ophthalmic Society took part in the protest march by all specialties against issues faced He called upon the Organizing Sectary of the previous conference, Dr Chinappa AG to present the cheque to KOS. Dr Chinappa AG pointed out the honararium due to KOS was Rs 2.41 Lakhs or a minimum of Rs 3 Lakhs, and presented a cheque for Rs 3 Lakhs. He also pointed out that in the previous 3 GBM’s the amount decided was 10 percent of the stall rent or a minimum of Rs 3 Lakhs and not 20 percent.

Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu mentioned that South Kanara Ophthalmic Society has requested for a interest free advance of Rs 10 Lakhs. Dr Ajay Kudva, Secretary of South Kanara Ophthalmic Society said that the entire loan of Rs 10 Lakhs along with the honararium of Rs 3 Lakhs will be paid before the start of the conference. No nomiations were recieved fot the post of Vice President. Dr Shailesh GM proposed Dr YL Rajshekar for the same. This was Seconded by Dr Sai Giridhar Kamath. 2019 state conference venue was selected as Belgavi as they had put the application for conducting the same.

KOS Awards:
It was decided to retain the existing awards and Orations, in addition the following named awards and Orations were created

Best Cataract Paper : Dr Y.L Rajshekar
Best Medical Retina paper : Dr .A.S Guruprasad
Best Refractive Surgery Paper : Dr Madhav Honnati Best surgical retina paper,best glaucoma paper , best cornea , best squint and occuloplasty , best pediatric ophthalmology – donors were not decided and was left to be decided in future when donors accept.

General Awards

Community Ophthalmology Award – Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu
Orations – Dr Bhujang Shetty and Dr M.M. Joshi Oration awards were proposed. It was decided that both these new awards will be given alternate years with the prexisting oration awards.
Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu mentioned that the money raised from these awards will be used District level Post graduate training programmes and Scientific Committee expenses. Dr. Krishna Prasad Kudlu asked about the feasibility of creation of a Legal Cell for issues faced by KOS members. It was decided that since AIOS already has such a cell there is no need for creating a similar cell.

Dr Shrinivas Joshi, Scientific committee chairman presented the scientific committee report. He mentioned the formed Karnataka Ophthalmic Teachers Academy and College Connect zone wise PG education programmes that were held.

Dr Chaitra Jaydev, Editor JOVS, announced that JVS is now published online and the need of articles for the magazine. An idea of involving the winners of best papers and poster to be included in the journal was put forth by Dr Krishna Prasad Kudlu. Need of participation from the medical collge studdents and staff was highlighted.

Dr Vikram Jain presented the treasurers report, he also mentioned that cheques from Bangalore Ophthalmic Society, repaying the loan taken, and Udupi District Ophtalmic Society towards honaraium to KOS from conducting the previous conference were recieved. No cheque from Hubli Dharwad Ophthalmic Society was recieved. The tax amount had been transferred to the auditor, Mr Mallaiah. The out going president Dr Santhan Gopal handed over the charge to the incoming president Dr. Sai Giridhar Kamath. Dr Sulatha Bhandary Hon Joint secretary gave the vote of thanks.