KOS Conference 2015

Minutes of the General Body Meeting 31st Annual Conference of the Karnataka Ophthalmic Society 20th Nov 2015 ,SDM College Of Medical Sciences, DHARWAD

Dr.Umesh Megur, President KOS,Welcomedthe gathering. The president thanked the Local Organising Committee and Scientific Committee Convenor, Dr.Krishnaprasad K, for efficient organization of the conference and the academic programs Agenda of the meeting was read out by Dr.Sirish Nelivigi, Hon. Secretary, KOS. The minutes of the previous GBM was not read out as it was available on KOS website and the GBM had been delayed.

One minute silence was observed as a mark of respect for the departed members of KOS, in the previous year 2014-15. Secretary Dr. Sirish requested members present to allow the secretary report to be read out later, as the pen drive which contained the presentation of secretary report was not working, and he was making alternate arrangements. The General Body agreed to the Secretary’s request.

Scientific Committee report was read out by Scientific Committee convenor, Dr. Krishna Prasad K. The points which were presented were:

  • This year, five halls for academic activities and one hall for wet lab were arranged. 450 abstracts were received for the annual conference presentations, and a substantial number of abstracts had to be rejected, as adequate time was not there to accommodate all submissions. Dr.Krishna Prasad requested those members whose abstracts were not accommodated to not be disheartened, and hoped for similar such response in future state conferences also.
  • 30 academic programs, such as CMEs and Workshops were conducted in the year, and five more were scheduled to be done.
  • Certificates were distributed to the different institutions which conducted scientific activities.
  • Dr.Krishna Prasad thanked all members for helping him to fulfil the responsibility of being Scientific Committee convenor.
  •  The new version of the official scientific journal of Karnataka Ophthalmic Society, titled “Journal of Vision Sciences” was brought out this year. The journal was made online and peer-reviewed.
  • The website of JVS was displayed, including statistics and Income/Expenditure statement.
  • The editor requested for submission of more articles, and particularly called on those members who have presented papers in the present conference to submit those papers for publication in JVS.
  • Dr. Chaitra acknowledged all the authors, referees, editorial team and KOS office-bearers for support received and thanked all members for their co-operation.

The journal editor’s report was accepted by GB, proposed by Dr. Madhav Honnatti and seconded by Dr. G. V. Divakar. Treasurer’s report was read by Treasurer, Dr. Ajay K. The treasurer informed that the audited account statements for the year 2014-15 were mailed on kosoffice email group to all group members four days before the conference started. This was done so that the account statements reached more members and also to reduce paper usage. A few copies of the account statements were available at the GBM for those who desired the hard copy. Points brought out were:

  • The capital fund was now in robust health with high number of new life members joining the society and good amount of interest on FDs and Savings Bank account coming in the past year.
  • The income excluding life membership fees was more than expenditure, due to bank interest and good amount of sponsorship money coming in.
  • Income tax amount for financial year 2015-16 had already been transferred to KOS auditor, Mr. Mallaiah’s bank account.
  • There had been issues outstanding with regard to income-tax payments, and there had been a notice from Income Tax department for payment of arrears of Rs. 2,11,500. These issues had been tackled and the payment of arrears also had been done.
  • One more issue regarding Income Tax payment for financial year 2013-14 remained pending, but the requisite work on this issue was almost done and will be reaching closure soon.

After the treasurer’s report, a question was asked to President by Dr. Madhav Honnatti, as to why money due to KOS from previous conference organisers at Mysore had not been remitted to KOS. The President replied that the organisers of annual conference at Mysore last year, had issues regarding service tax to be paid on the whole amount of receipts, unlike in the previous years, and this meant that a lot of tax had to be paid. The Mysore Ophthalmic Trust wanted to pay the tax, and then transfer 20% of the remaining money to KOS, and had therefore asked for some time. There was much discussion about this matter, with some members mentioning that at least Rs. 2,50,000 should be the minimum contribution from LOC towards KOS, and some members suggesting that fixing a minimum contribution like that would make it difficult for organisers from smaller cities to pay. 

Dr. Sirish Nelivigi then suggested that a joint account between LOC and KOS can be opened for annual conference. After expenses and tax payment, 40% of remaining funds can be transferred to KOS account. Dr. M. S. Ravindra suggested that KOS must trust the LOC and allow them to retain the conference account, as the LOC may otherwise feel that this is like “policing” them. Dr. Sirish said that this idea was not meant to “police” the LOC but to improve mutual understanding and to increase transparency.

In summary, the office-bearers of KOS for the year 2015-16 were as follows:
President: Dr. Guruprasad A. S.
President elect: Dr. Santhan Gopal K. S.
Vice President: Dr. Sai Giridhar Kamath
Hon. Secretary: Dr. Sirish Nelivigi
Hon. Joint Secretary: Dr. Ajay K
Hon. Treasurer: Dr. Rajesh K. V.
Scientific Committee Convenor: Dr. Krishna Prasad K
Editor, Journal: Dr. Chaitra Jayadev
Webmaster: Dr. Sai Giridhar Kamath
Vote of Thanks was given by Joint Secretary, Dr. Rajesh K. V.